I am a photographer from Taunton and am mainly interested in Street Photography.

I currently use a Leica M8 digital camera and have used these cameras over the years:

2000-2003       Fuji MX-1200

2003-2005        Fuji F601

2005-2006        Fuji F10

2006-2008       Nikon D70s

2008-2010      Holga (x2) **

2010-2012       Nikon D700 (superb camera – still miss it!)

2012-2013       Nikon FM2 **, Pentax MX **

2013-2013       Ricoh GRD IV (nice camera but miss optical viewfinder)

2013- 2014      Ricoh GR (nice camera but miss optical viewfinder – a full frame gr with optical viewfinder would be ideal!)

2014-2014       Nikon D2X (nice camera just too big!)

2014-2014       Nikon D610

2014-2015        Leica M8**

(** cameras I currently own)

Street Photography Resources

Here are some links to other street photographers that I follow on the web:

Other Street Photography sites: