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the bigger picture

from a trip to london aprox april 2012 – this was pretty much the first time i used my nikon fm2 & 28mm f/2.8ai


at the tate modern top floor restaurant


i seem to remember massively over exposing this shot as i left the shutter speed on something absurd like 1/16s after shooting a darker part of the museum


it did not turn out as badly as i had expected

this seemed to come out quite green – the lights must have been quite green as if i try to balance it back to white it makes the image very dark, so there must simply have been a lot of green light, or the film might have been more sensitive to green light – it was fuji superia 200



Jurassic Airlines – From a visit to Lyme Regis some time in 2012


Taken with my 28mm f/3.5AI lens and my Nikon FM2 film camera



A mural that has recently been painted on Taunton’s “third way” – it cost £1000 to paint but it does seem to brighten up an otherwise rather featureless bit or hoarding

just noticed capture nx2 has a feature to set the grey point which is handy compared with setting colour temperature which seems a bit hit and miss sometimes – it also allows output size to be set via size & dpi rather than pixels – i just selected 1200dpi and 36mm on long edge and it calculated the pixels for me


looking at some of my old 35mm films


This is a small arcade of shops at the plymouth bus station – scanned at 1200dpi on an epson 4490 – with holga i can get away with 600dpi with the huge negatives – have selected 90% jpeg quality rather than 100% to avoid massive file sizes – as far as I can remember it was shot with cheap & cheerfull fuji superia 200 film on my nikon fm2 with 50mm 1.8 E series lens (silver version not the plasticky black version) – the e series came “free” with the fm2 that was an ebay purchase, but it could do with a cla service no doubt